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My name is Kevin Culver, known by many as Kev, and I’m a custom wood worker and content creator. I produce videos and plans that help guide others through the projects I build.  As well, I will be very responsive to questions and comments as they arise. 

I also have a forum site with an outstanding bunch of folks that are always eager to help. They’re a great group to bounce ideas off of or share your own projects and experience. Being part of a woodworking community helps make us all a little better at the craft. The forum members usually get to see my creations before they’re released to the public and, often, we have some great conversations around the pieces that I build.

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Kev has been a custom wood worker for over 30 years, and is followed by many on social media.

Kev’s Motto

“Always willing to help those that are willing to help themselves”.

Kev’s Vision

Educating other individuals online with video tutorials, free plans (download online), and a community forum for those that are interested. 

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Please enjoy my sites and free plans and participate where you can. Because I work a day job, there is no charge for anything. This may change in the future but, for now, it works for me.

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