Welcome To Kev's WoodWorks!

The goal of this site is to teach and learn the craft of woodworking.  It’s my way to journal current builds and field questions along the way.  By generating those conversations, the hope is that many, including myself, can learn and be better woodworkers for it.

There is a “plans” section to this site which is the only monetized area.  The only reason I monetized this area is because I often reach out to those who are better than I am with the design software and I believe they should be paid for their work.

You will also find a link to my forum site where we can discuss my builds as well as yours.  My only request on this site is to remain civil and keep it on topic.  Spirited discussion is normal and welcome but, keep it in check or it will be removed.


A place to purchase any available plans to follow along with those builds as you build your own version of the project.


All current and past videos placed in a convenient order to watch whenever you'd like.​


A free place where different woodworking topics can be discussed as well as a space to showcase your builds.